What We Do

We get our hands on as many things cyber as we can - CTFs, CCDC, 'Nix, you name it.


Maybe better known as Capture the Flags, these are fun puzzle-solving competitions centered around trying to find "flags" (usually a string of random letters and numbers) by solving logic, computer, and math puzzles. To be clear, a background in computer science is by no means required in order to tackle CTFs.


Collegiate Cyber Defence Competitions are a way for students like us to become acquainted with real-world networking and IT threats. You're thrown into a room with a bunch of machines, your crazy clubmates, and a few days to protect the network from the hacking attempts of the Red Team.


Linux. Unix. Anything in between. This is where you see lines of green-yellow code flying across the black screen of a hacker, whose fingers are whizzing across a keyboard. Not only do we show you the ropes of Linux, we aim to have you feeling like an (ethical) hacker in no time, thanks to the help of our fabulous friends at HUIT.

Meet Our Board

Carter Hartmann


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